Woodsmen are trained in magic relating to nature and its forms, including animals, plants, and The five True Elements. Woodsmen usually begin their careers as sentries for elven cities and communities that lie within the forests and jungles of Barsaive. Elves practicing this Discipline usually live only in and around the wooded areas of the land, and so finding a teacher for training can be costly and difficult.

Important Attributes: Dexterity, Perception

Racial Restriction: Elves

Karma Ritual: The Woodsman must be alone, deep within the forest. He sits with his eyes closed in meditation and imagines walking through the forest toward a specific destination, at least 15 minutes’ walk from the spot where the Woodsman sits. The Woodsman visualizes the path he walks and any landmarks along the way. Once he has reached the destination in his imagination, the Woodsman stands and walks to this spot, keeping his eyes closed during the entire journey. When he reaches his destination, the ritual is complete.

Artisan Skills: Body Painting, Wood Carving

Half-Magic: A Woodsman may use half-magic for knowledge of animals; animal tracks; and abnormal behavior among animals, creatures, and plants. Woodsmen gain access to the Wilderness Survival and Hunting skills via half-magic.

First Circle Talents:
Avoid Blow, Karma Ritual, Missile Weapons, Silent Walk, Tracking

Initiate Talent Options:
Climbing, Melee Weapons, Sense Danger, Throwing Weapons, Wilderness Survival


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