A Windmaster develops the windling aptitude for aerial movement into a way of fighting and possesses special knowledge of how best to use his wings in combat. More than any other Warrior, Windmasters fight equally well on land or in the air.

Important Attributes: Dexterity, Toughness

Racial Restriction: Windlings

Karma Ritual: To perform his Karma ritual, the Windmaster must trace a target circle on the ground of no more than one foot in diameter. After focusing on his target from an airborne position until flying begins to tire him, the Windmaster makes a flying start from no less than 40 yards away from the target, and no lower than 10 yards off the ground. The Windmaster must then swoop down onthe target at full speed and drive his weapon into the circle. When the Windmaster accomplishes this feat, the ritual ends.

Artisan Skills: Body Painting, Wood Carving

Half-Magic: Windmasters use half-magic for knowledge of guerrilla and ambush warfare; history and legends of windling raids and battles; and traditional windling fighting styles and equipment. They use half-magic to care for their armor and weapons and gain access to the Tactics skill via half-magic.

First Circle Talents:
Air Dance, Avoid Blow, Dive Attack, Karma Ritual, Melee Weapons

Initiate Talent Options:
Acrobatic Strike, Silent Walk, Sprint, Unarmed Combat, Wood Skin


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