Winddancers specialize in using aerial motion to communicate and entertain. Winddancers are usually the ones discovering new cultures and bringing the traditions belonging to those cultures back to the windling clans. Other races commonly confuse Winddancers with windling Troubadours.

Important Attributes: Charisma, Perception

Racial Restriction: Windlings

Karma Ritual: A Winddancer must “hum” a favorite tune, using only the vibrations of his wings, while dancing in an intricate pattern consisting of both flying and ground moves. The song must be at least 20 minutes long. When the song is finished, the ritual is complete.

Artisan Skills: Dancing, Musician

Half-Magic: Winddancers may make Half-Magic Tests whenever they perform for audiences, and also for knowledge of legends, myths, rites, traditions, and folklore of windling culture or cultures they have studied personally.

First Circle Talents:
Conversation, Etiquette, Karma Ritual, Taunt, Wind Dance

Initiate Talent Options:
Air Speaking, Avoid Blow, Impress, Melee Weapons, Speak Language


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