Warriors are fighters and soldiers trained to use magic to enhance their combat techniques. They often form groups with other Warriors, living in seclusion in self-sufficient settlements similar to monastic orders.

Important Attributes: Dexterity, Strength

Karma Ritual: To perform his Karma ritual, a Warrior sits crosslegged, holding a weapon above his knees. After a few minutes of meditation he levitates, as if using the Air Dance talent; the ritual use of this talent does not cause him any Strain damage. The Warrior then performs a series of four exercises: the earth defense, the water defense, the fire attack, and the air attack. The ritual ends half an hour later, as soon as the Warrior completes the final move of the air attack.

Artisan Skills: Sculpting, Rune Carving

Half-Magic: Warriors can use half-magic when caring for or repairing their weapons and armor, knowledge of military tactics and strategy (recognizing the safest approach to a target when planning a battle, for instance) and to recall events of Barsaive’s military history. The use half-magic to recognize warrior orders, famous ancient Warriors, and ancient arms and armor. Warriors gain access to the Tactics skill via half-magic.

First Circle Talents:
Avoid Blow, Karma Ritual, Melee Weapons, Unarmed Combat, Wood Skin

Initiate Talent Options:
Acrobatic Strike, Air Dance, Climbing, Maneuver, Parry


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