Troubadours serve as entertainers, storytellers, actors, and songsmiths. As such, they represent the closest thing to a historian or scholar that common people usually see.

Important Attributes: Charisma, Perception

Karma Ritual: To perform his Karma ritual, the Troubadour must perform a ballad or skit before an audience of at least two others. He can juggle, joke, tell tall tales, or sing serious legends. Half an hour after he starts, the Troubadour finishes the performance with a short story, ending the tale with the phrase, “And there it ends, for such is the truth of the thing.” This completes the ritual.

Artisan Skills: Musician, Storytelling

Half-Magic: Troubadours may make Half-Magic Tests whenever they perform for audiences, and also for knowledge of legends, myths, and folklore of their home province’s lands and people.

First Circle Talents:
First Impression, Impress, Item History, Karma Ritual, Mimic Voice

Initiate Talent Options:
Emotion Song, Haggle, Melee Weapons, Read/Write Language, Speak Language


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