Thieves learn early to be self-reliant and how to steal. They draw power from their self-confidence and the knowledge that they depend only on themselves. The abundance of rumors governing Thief guilds means such groups may, in fact, exist, but proof or disproof of their reality remains a secret.

Important Attributes: Dexterity, Perception

Karma Ritual: To start his Karma ritual, the Thief sits by himself in a darkened area and concentrates for half an hour on the knowledge that he is alone in the world and can rely, first and foremost, only on himself. With this firmly established in both heart and mind, he sets out to use one of his Discipline talents. The ritual ends as soon as the adept successfully uses the talent.

Artisan Skills: Acting, Poetry

Half-Magic: Thieves may use half-magic to build or bypass security measures intended to prevent theft, and to recognize different types of locking mechanisms. Thieves gain access to the Search, Detect Trap, and Disarm Trap skills via half-magic.

First Circle Talents:
Karma Ritual, Lock Picking, Picking Pockets, Silent Walk, Trap Initiative

Initiate Talent Options:
Avoid Blow, Climbing, Melee Weapons, Search, Throwing Weapons


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