Talent Option

In addition to Discipline Talents, every Discipline teaches a variety of possible Talent Options.

At each Circle including First, an Adept may learn one—and only one—new Talent Option. To learn a Talent Option requires time, study, and a willing tutor. Most Adepts learn a Talent Option along with their new Circle’s Discipline Talent from the same master, but players are not required to do so.

At each degree of a Discipline—Initiate, Novice, Journeyman, Warden, and Master—an Adept gains access to a new group of Talent Options. She may learn any Talent Option from her degree or lower, provided a tutor can be found.

Generally, an Adept may only learn a Talent Option from a member of her own Discipline. A Warrior could not typically teach an Archer to use the Melee Weapons Talent.

Talents learned through Versatility do not interfere with the learning of a Talent Option. Ie. A Human adept may learn as many new Talents through Versatility as she likes within a single Circle, and still learn one new Talent Option.

Talent Option

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