The Songsmith Discipline focuses mainly on the arts. As capable of performing as the Troubadour, Songsmiths employ magic to enhance their performances. They are also able to create fine elven art unique to their culture.

Important Attributes: Charisma, Perception

Racial Restriction: Elves

Karma Ritual: To perform his Karma ritual, the Songsmith must make use of an Artisan skill. For the next 30 minutes the adept becomes completely immersed in his task. However, at the end of the ritual, the adept intentionally fails to perform his craft and breaks the created item or stops his performance.

Artisan Skills: Any

Note: Songsmiths learn and develop Artisan skills using magic, purchasing and improving them for the same Legend Point cost as Novice talents.

Half-Magic: Songsmiths use half-magic for knowledge of elven culture, traditions, and elven regional etiquette. They may use half magic when caring for their tools and instruments and to recognize different types of tools and instruments used for practicing other forms of art and craft. Songsmiths also use half-magic to determine the artistic or monetary value of a piece of art, to determine the value and level of craftsmanships of functional items, and determine the creator of art or pieces of craftsmanship.

First Circle Talents:
Emotion Song, Evaluate, First Impression, Karma Ritual, Performance

Initiate Talent Options:
Avoid Blow, Item History, Melee Weapons, Missile Weapons, Speak Language


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