Shamans gain their magical abilities by observing how the elements of nature and the forces of magic interact. Practiced chiefly by members of Barsaive’s primitive tribes such as the Cathan of the Servos Jungle, the Tamer tribes of the Liaj Jungle, and some ork scorcher tribes, Shamans learn their spells by studying nature, not from dusty tomes or scrolls.

Important Attributes: Perception, Willpower

Karma Ritual: To perform his Karma ritual, the Shaman must be outdoors and at least 100 yards from the nearest building or Namegiver-made structure. Before beginning the ritual, the Shaman picks up a nearby leaf, twig, or live insect to serve as a symbol of nature for the ritual. The Shaman then sits quietly and centers his thoughts. He focuses his introspection on the symbol of nature he holds in his hands and meditates on the relationship between magic and nature. After half an hour has passed, the Shaman eats the symbol, thereby symbolically binding himself to nature.

Artisan Skills: Sculpting, Tattooing

Half-Magic: A Shaman may use half-magic for knowledge of all aspects of nature. Shamans gain access to the Alchemy skill via half-magic for the purpose of producing potions and salves, and to gather ingredients for them. A Shaman may also use half-magic to sense the presence of nature spirits within 30 yards (15 hexes) of his location. The Detection Difficulty for sensing a spirit is the spirit’s Spell Defense (determined by the gamemaster). If the test succeeds, the Shaman can sense the presence of the spirit, and can use spells or talents such as Spirit Hold or Spirit Talk, to communicate and interact with the spirit. The gamemaster may choose to make this Half-Magic Test on behalf of a Shaman character at any time, as this innate sense is always active.

First Circle Talents:
Create Fetish, Karma Ritual, Spellcasting, Spell Fetish, Thread Weaving [Shamanism]

Initiate Talent Options:
Creature Analysis, Silent Walk, Speak Language, Spell Fetish, Tracking

First Circle Spells:
Air Armor, Assuring Touch, Bone Dance, Catseyes, Crunch Climb, Earth Blend, Earth Darts, Insect Repellent, Moonglow, Plant Talk, Purify Earth, Purify Water, Quicken Pace, Resist Cold


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