Note: This page contains general information on the passionate, hard-living Orks. For more specific information please see On the Nature of Orks and pages with the tag “Orks”.

Dwarfs pay well, but I don’t like their attitude. Of course, I don’t like most peoples’ attitudes.
—Kraeg Yelloweye, Cavalryman in service to the Kingdom of Throal

As tall as elves and with similarly pointed ears, but more muscular than humans, orks often are a fearsome sight when angered—which their elongated lower canines serve to enhance. They anger quickly indeed, due to a feature known as gahad. An ork’s gahad is an individual reflex unique to each ork that can be awoken by someone else saying or doing “that one wrong thing” in the ork’s presence, and the ork can either give in to it, be driven to resolve the situation, or try to restrain himself. While inconvenient for other races, orks consider gahad as a sign of being alive, an energy from deep within that burns as the heart pounds whenever necessary.

Orks are passionate, freedom-loving people, often gathering in tribes or clans that travel in a nomadic fashion, living fast and intense, hoping their deaths will make a good story. Orks are fires that burn fast; with only 40 years, their average lifespan is the shortest of all the races. As such, they reach physical maturity in their early teens.

Orks have a powerful build, averaging 6 feet 3 inches in height and 225 pounds in weight. Large lower canines protrude over their upper lip and their body hair has a coarse texture, almost always colored black or gray. Some orks appear nearly hairless, and head hair usually grows in sparsely but with the thickness of fine wire. Common skin colors include olive green, beige, pinkishwhite, tan, and ebony. Their ears are pointed, and about a quarter of the population show elongated ears. Orks recognize only a loose concept of family, giving greatest loyalty to their tribe. Social organization within the tribe varies considerably, as orks often adopt social structures of the other races with whom they interact. Isolated tribes usually contain only two authority figures, however: the war chief and the shaman. Most ork tribes live in tents as nomads, but will willingly inhabit any kind of dwelling.

Game Information
Starting Attribute Values: DEX 10, STR 13, TOU 11, PER 10, WIL 8, CHA 9
Movement Rate: 6 • Karma Modifier: 5

Racial Abilites
Orks possess the following racial abilities: Gahad, Low-Light Vision

Special Rules and Other Considerations


Before an ork is born, his mother dreams the vravraka, where she sees the child demanding the Name it desires. Tribal orks usually add descriptive Names hinting at their deeds, ideals, or virtues to this Name over the course of their lives.

Sample Names

Aluk, Brog, Curst, Drognur, Ekarr, Faghn, Gors, Garon, Horak,
Jurok, Kartos, Kia’k, Lorga, Mornur, Nago, Orkal, Pahok, Quan,
Ristar, Tok, Uvul, Ulag, Venag, Y’lomm, Zugrut


Orks will most often quest for Lochost and Thystonius. Orks rarely quest for the Mad Passions and almost never for Dis.


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