Messengers are determined and reliable couriers carrying important information from one place to another. While the path of the Messenger was originally developed by obsidimen, other races have learned to follow this path as well, albeit often with a different emphasis.

Trolls see the delivery of a message as a physical challenge, honoring Thystonius and proving their katorr. Elves see the Way of the Messenger as an opportunity for cultural exchange and a path to a new unity. Dwarfs, especially those of Throalic origin, prefer to spread knowledge throughout Barsaive. T’skrang like to spread news along the roads and rivers, thereby “telling the tales of the present.” Humans fill all of those roles equally, emphasizing travel and change in practicing this Discipline. Obsidimen still make up the biggest percentage of Messenger adepts, however, and enjoy the reputation of being the most reliable.

Important Attributes: Perception, Willpower

Karma Ritual: To begin his Karma ritual, the Messenger meditates over a short piece of text and selects one of his companions to hide somewhere within 10 minutes’ walk of his starting point. The Messenger then visualizes his companion and starts seeking him out. If he manages to recite the text in front of his target within the next half hour, the ritual is complete. An alternative version of this ritual allows the Messenger to select a place known to himself or one of his companions within 20 minutes’ walk.

Artisan Skills: Runic Carving, Wood Carving

Half-Magic: Messengers may use half-magic for knowledge of travel routes, customs of the delivery trade, and of different types of messages and how to convey, hide, find, encrypt, or decrypt them. They may make Toughness-based Half-Magic Tests in place of Fatigue Tests and gain access to the Mapmaking and Wilderness Survival skills via half-magic.

First Circle Talents:
Avoid Blow, Direction Sense, Karma Ritual, Navigation, Speak Language

Initiate Talent Options:
Book Memory, Climbing, Melee Weapons, Read/Write Language, Wilderness Survival


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