A follower of the Liberator Discipline emulates the ork hero Hrak Gron, who freed her people from slavery in the Ork Uprising centuries ago. Liberators fight all whom they consider slavers and tyrants in order to free every falsely imprisoned Namegiver. Single-mindedly righteous, they spend their time either actively engaged in these pursuits or in making themselves better able to carry out their self-imposed mission. They may adventure, but only to secure money or magical weapons to help fight their enemies, or to trade services with heroes who may aid them in their struggle

Important Attributes: Charisma, Willpower

Racial Restriction: Orks

Karma Ritual: To begin his Karma ritual, the Liberator curls up in the smallest space he can find and binds himself hand and foot with slipknots, then meditates for 30 minutes on the exploits of the hero Hrak Gron as told in song and story. At the climax of the ritual the Liberator leaps to a standing position, breaks the slipknots, and then mimes Hrak Gron’s famous slashing of her master’s throat while reciting the words to the Shout of Justice.

Artisan Skills: Acting, Singing

Half-Magic: Liberators can use half-magic when gathering intelligence to inspire a rebellion, for knowledge of slaver tactics and strategy, and to recall events of the Great Uprising and Hrak Gron’s life.

First Circle Talents:
Freedom Search, Karma Ritual, Lock Picking, Melee Weapons, Shackle Shrug

Initiate Talent Options:
Acrobatic Strike, Avoid Blow, Disguise Self, Silent Walk, Unarmed Combat


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