Karma Ritual


Step: Rank
Action: NA
Karma: No
Strain: 0

Unique to each Discipline.

Each Discipline’s Karma Ritual is the symbolic core of its path, combining training, practice, and meditation into a single, powerful rite. When possible, most Adepts will attempt to perform this ritual at least once a week, if not every day, typically upon waking or before going to sleep, though some rituals specify a time when they must be performed.

Some Karma Rituals require certain equipment, supplies, or other external conditions, for example, a Troubadour needs an audience and a Cavalryman needs his mount. If the Adept cannot meet these conditions, he generally may not perform his ritual, except with GM approval.

To use this Talent, the adept performs a Karma ritual unique to his Discipline to replenish his pool of Karma Points. An example of a typical Karma ritual is included with each Discipline description. The ritual takes a half hour to complete and can be performed once each day. Once the adept has completed his Karma ritual, he can purchase a number of Karma Points no greater than his Karma Ritual Rank for 10 Legend Points each.

For example, an adept purchasing 4 Karma Points deducts 40 Legend Points from this Current Legend Points. Karma Points are added to the adept’s Current Karma Points. An adept cannot have more Karma Points than his Maximum Karma Points allows, determined by multiplying the adept’s racial Karma Modifier by his Karma Ritual Rank.

Characters with multiple Disciplines may choose from amongst the Karma Rituals they know; typically an adept will perform the ritual of the Discipline they are actively pursuing (learning the Discipline Talents of). A character’s Karma Ritual Talent encompasses all rituals she may know; unlike Thread Weaving she does not need to learn this talent multiple times.

Karma Ritual

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