Karma is a valuable, if capricious tool in an Adept’s arsenal. Though Karma is conflated in the minds of many with simple luck, an Adept knows better. To them, Karma is an active force, an effect of the interaction of their True Pattern with ambient magic.

Adepts use their Karma Ritual Talent to enhance their Karma, essentially providing themselves with a reserve of magical energy that can be used to eek through difficult odds or power complicated Talents.

Karma Points

An Adpet’s Karma Ritual allows them to purchase Karma Points using Legend Points. These points remain within an Adept’s Karma Pool and may be spent on certain Talents or other Discipline abilities.

Karma Dice

When a character spends a Karma Point on a Test, he rolls one Karma Die—a D6—and adds it to the result of the test. As with a normal die roll, a 6 yields bonus dice.

Spending Karma Points

A character cannot spend a Karma Point on just any test. Adepts may choose to spend one—and only one—Karma Point on the Test for any Discipline Talent and Half-Magic and must spend a Karma Point to use any non-Discipline Talent that requires it. As Adepts progress through their Discipline, they will gain the ability to spend Karma Points on additional types of Tests.

A Karma Point must be spent before resolving the effects of a roll.


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