Journeyman (Discipline)

Adepts of the Journeyman Discipline are rare in Barsaive. Available only to humans, this Discipline takes advantage of that race’s versatility and adaptability and enables its followers to use powerful magic outside the relatively narrow focus of a standard Discipline.

Important Attributes: Any

Racial Restriction: Humans

Note: The path of the Journeyman is the ultimate expression of human flexibility. These Adepts do not gain the Versatility talent as normal, instead that single Talent forms the underpinning of the entire path. Human characters may only begin as Journeymen and Journeymen they must remain; Journeymen cannot take on additional Disciplines, nor can Journeyman be learned as an additional Discipline.

Karma Ritual: The Journeyman sits alone in the most barren area in the vicinity. He imagines the world as viewed by each of the other Disciplines, one at a time, and considers the limited view of the world each perceives. He imagines the world again, this time through the eyes of his own Discipline, and remembers the true diversity of the world. He rises and mimics the common actions of adepts who follow those Disciplines whose talents the Journeyman has learned. He may gesture like the Swordmaster from whom he has learned Melee Weapons, for example, or like the Wizard from whom he has learned Spellcasting. The ritual ends when the Journeyman has mimicked a talent of each Discipline he has studied.

Artisan Skills: Any

Half-Magic: Journeyman characters can use half-magic to learn about and recognize the ways of different Disciplines, races, and cultures, as well as knowledge of any Disciplines, races, and cultures he is already familiar with.

First Circle Talents:
Karma Ritual

Talents: 5 Talents

Journeyman (Discipline)

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