Thera and the Kingdom of Throal. Those are the giants straddling this land. Our best strategy is to keep to ourselves, choose only if we must, and then choose Throal. Dwarf condescension is easier to shrug off than Theran shackles.
—Adviser Kaj Ther of Landis

Without any unified human kingdoms left, Barsaive’s humans have scattered all over Barsaive, their innate flexibility to live in any environment enabling them to live alongside all the other races of Barsaive. Where several races live in one place, such as in the cities, humans are often the ones that can create a middle ground or broker the deal between members of other races whose different temperaments create friction. They are seldom the largest racial group in a community and are not as comfortable building and living in great nations as dwarfs are, but they fill the niches left open by other races, and can often rise to influential positions, especially those that do not require specialization, but generalization. A few all-human cultures with unique lifestyles exist, but they are comparatively small.

Humans average 5 feet 7 inches in height and weigh an average of 150 pounds. They produce less body hair than most races, but more than elves. Skin tone ranges from ebony to tan and pinkishwhite. Their ears are small and rounded. Humans reach physical maturity in their teens and live a natural life span of seventy-five years, though individuals have been known to live one hundred years or longer.

Humans feel a natural loyalty to their families. Inclined to form social groups, humans easily transfer this loyalty to tribes, cities, or kingdoms, though they do not adapt to large-scale society as well as dwarfs. This reluctance to pledge allegiance to a government does not prevent them from quickly adapting dwarf advances into their own cultures.

Humans prefer to live in roofed dwellings, clustered with others of their kind. They have adopted the dwarf invention of the city, though many human cities spring up in too haphazard a fashion for dwarf tastes. Most humans find elven communities unsettling.

Humans display a wider variety of cultural practices than any other race in Barsaive. As a result, few generalizations about human culture can be made.

Game Information
Starting Attribute Values:
DEX 10, STR 10, TOU 10, PER 10, WIL 10, CHA 10
Movement Rate: 6 • Karma Modifier: 5

Racial Abilities
Humans possess the following racial ability: Versatility — Human adepts have a special racial talent available to them from First Circle: Versatility. This talent allows them to learn talents from Disciplines other than their own. Human adepts starting play with no Ranks assigned to their Versatility talent know it at Rank 0. They may purchase Ranks for it during the game using Legend Points, just like other talents. Non-adept humans cannot learn the Versatility talent.

Special Rules and Other Considerations

Ethnic Subgroups

Humans exhibit a tremendous diversity, influenced greatly by their environment. Some populations have become distinct from other humans—the Cathan, Dinganni, Galeb-Klek, the Riders of the Scorched Plain, the Scavians, and the Vorst—and special considerations should be taken when creating characters of these groups.


Humans receive their Names from their parents, keeping them for the rest of their lives.

Sample Names

Alvar, Baldred, Celina, Delmor, Elwind, Fenwill, Galdora, Honguth, Hyram, Igna, Kelandra, Lamand, Melgador, Nahindra, Ophelia, Pandur, Quelana, Rigus, Santorano, Timbur, Ulgur, Vendar, Wilbur, Xandir, Zidan


An equal number of humans quest for each of the Passions, including the Mad Passions.


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