Horror Stalker

Nearly all Namegivers stand against the evil of the Horrors in one way or another, but only those who follow the way of the Horror Stalker actively seek out and destroy these entities. Followers of the Horror Stalker Discipline go about their dangerous business in a most disturbing manner: they allow themselves to be Horror-marked and use that connection to track the dreadful entities and do battle with the enemy.

Though considered insane by many, this tactic has proved time and time again to be one of the most effective (if suicidal) ways to find Horrors and permanently dispatch them.

Note: Most Horror Stalkers begin as Adepts of another Discipline, and find their way to this path the hard way.

Important Attributes: Perception, Willpower

Karma Ritual: To begin his Karma ritual, the adept paces out a small circle, outlining it with salt. He then begins the Litany, Naming Horror Stalkers who fell in battle and then Naming all the Horrors known to have been struck down by them. After finishing his recitation, the adept spends several minutes contemplating any Horror marks he possesses. Once satisfied that everything is in place, the adept offers up a small praise to the fallen Horror Stalkers. Finally, he rubs out the salt circle and draws his weapon, aiming or pointing it in the direction where he believes the nearest Horror lurks.

Artisan Skills: Scarification, Tattooing

Half-Magic: Horror Stalkers may use half-magic when seeking knowledge of Horrors, Horror constructs, the Scourge, kaers and citadels, and magic used by Horrors or devised to protect against them, as well as the Names and legends of those who have fought the Horrors and paid the ultimate price. Horror Stalkers may also make Willpower-based Half-Magic Tests to resist the lure of Horrors and any effects placed upon them against their will, if resisting them is not covered by any of their other abilities.

They may make Perception-based Half-Magic Tests to detect the presence of Horrors or Horror Constructs within 30 yards (15 hexes). The Detection Difficulty for sensing them is the Horror’s or construct’s Spell Defense (determined by the gamemaster). If the test succeeds, the adept senses the target’s presence, though not its exact location or nature. The gamemaster may choose to make this Half-Magic Test on behalf of a Horror Stalker character at any time, as this innate sense is always active. The ability does not detect Horror marks, but at the gamemaster’s discretion may pick up lingering traces of Horror corruption in a place.

First Circle Talents:
Astral Sight, Call of Harrow, Karma Ritual, Melee Weapons, Steel Thought

Initiate Talent Options:
Acrobatic Strike, Climbing, Silent Walk, Tracking, Unarmed Combat

Horror Stalker

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