In addition to Talents, every Discipline teaches Half-Magic, a base of knowledge vital to the following of a path. The use of Half-Magic resembles Skills or Talents, though is typically more limited.

Each Discipline’s description describes the uses of Half-Magic and the circumstances where it can be applied.

A Half-Magic test’s Step is determined by adding half an Adept’s Circle—rounded up—to a relevant attribute. A character may spend a single Karma Point on any Half-Magic test.

If a character has learned a skill through normal means and also has access to it through Half-Magic, she may chooses which to use should circumstance apply. For example, an Archer gains access to the Craft Weapon skill through Half-Magic, but only to make ranged weapons. If she also knows the skill properly—allowing her to make non-ranged weapons—she may choose which Step, her half-magic or skill, when making a Craft Weapon check to create a bow.


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