Gahad is a sensation similar to intense heartburn, triggered in orks by certain circumstances or situations, causing them to feel a drive to eradicate the situation triggering the gahad or take revenge on the perpetrator. Each ork experiences gahad in response to unique circumstances or stimuli. The player should specify two impulses that trigger gahad, summed up in short sentences. For example, a player might specify that “Grisalk’s gahad is triggered when his mother is insulted.” The player may specify limits or exceptions for these triggers, for example that “Grisalk’s gahad is triggered when his mother is insulted, except by someone in the family.”

When his gahad is triggered, the player may choose to have his character give in to it or may try to resist the impulse.

To resist gahad, the character has to succeed at a Willpower (6) Test, but requires a Result Level that depends on the severity of the trigger, determined by the gamemaster. In the above example, an ambiguous comment about Grisalk’s mother would only require an Average Result, while an obvious and vicious obscenity would require an Extraordinary Result. Resisting, or swallowing, gahad successfully causes a gahad hangover. A gahad hangover begins within an hour of swallowing gahad and lasts for one hour per Result Level required on the Willpower Test, starting with one hour for an Average Result up to four hours for an Extraordinary Result. A hangover manifests as localized pains and cramps, headaches, and in extreme cases, hallucinations about the object of the trigger. While it lasts, the character is considered Harried. When giving in to gahad or when failing to resist it, the character is driven to end the stimuli that triggered gahad or to take revenge on a character that caused it. In the above example, Grisalk would react violently towards the person who insulted his mother or, if the insult consisted of an obscene picture drawn on a wall, he would erase the picture. This drive lasts for as long as the hangover would have lasted, regardless of whether or not a resistance test was attempted, and grants the character a +1 bonus to any Action or Effect Test made towards ending the stimulus or taking revenge, for example to attack the insulting party or tear down the wall.

Gahad is meant to be a roleplaying element. Gahad is not intended to be a game mechanic giving orks a test bonus on every flimsy excuse. The use and application of gahad, and the bonuses or penalties it confers, are always at the discretion of the gamemaster.


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