The Scourge

Centuries ago, the Ambient Magic of the world began to noticeably rise, confirming the prophecies spoken of in the Books of Harrow. The Scourge was nigh, a time in which the boundaries between the material world and Astral Space would break down, allowing the Horrors to escape the deepest Netherworlds and lay waste to the land and all who lived upon it.

The year 1008 TH ( TE 565), the year Thera sealed its great Citadel is almost universally considered the beginning of the Scourge. Thera, as a center and focus of magical power, is beset by the Horrors earlier and with greater severity than the rest of the world. As the people of Barsaive completed and sealed their shelters, the Horrors began to appear, polluting astral space and totally cutting lines of supply and communications within twenty years.

In 1032 TH, The Raggogk Incident became the first indication that The Passions were being driven mad by the Scourge.

In 1045 TH, the Theran provincial capital of Parlainth disappeared from the face of the Earth and from the minds of the people in it’s ultimately futile effort to survive the Scourge.

Throal held it’s gates open until 1050 TH, giving the dwarfs a vital, last minute chance to secure their influence over Barsaive after the end of the Scourge.

For 400 years the Scourge raged, corrupting or slaughtering all life that unprotected by shelters or powerful magic.

A hundred years have passed since the opening of Throal and Barsaive has recovered dramatically from the damage dealt to it, but the it and it’s people will never be the same…

The Scourge

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