Spell Magic

Spell magic is what most people think of when they hear the word “magic,” powerful effects woven by magicians from pure magical energy.

About Spellcasting

Magicians can cast spells using one of three different methods. The three share similar elements, but each also differs slightly from the others. The first, and most common method is referred to simply as Spellcasting. The safest way to cast spells, this method requires the use of spell matrices, and is sometimes called matrix casting.

The second method of spellcasting, raw magic casting, is the most dangerous. Using this method, a magician draws energy directly from astral space and channels it through his body. Raw magic casting usually serves as a last‑resort method of casting spells. For example, a magician has spell matrices available, but the spells attuned to the matrices are not the ones he needs. If he has no time to realign his spells, even by Reattuning on the Fly, he might risk casting raw magic simply to survive.

Casting raw magic can (and usually does) inflict physical damage on the magician. In addition, a magician casting raw magic momentarily abandons the teachings of his Discipline that allow him to draw only pure magical energy into his spells. The polluted energy the caster draws from Astral Space allows Horrors to locate magicians casting such spells and mark them.

The last method is called grimoire casting. As its name implies, this method enables a magician to cast spells directly from a grimoire, rather than using a spell matrix. It is a slower and more difficult method than either matrix casting or raw magic. It is safer than raw magic, but still carries its share of risk.

Spell Magic

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