Read Write Magic


Step: Rank + PER
Action: Standard
Karma: No
Strain: 0

The adept can read and write magical writing, such as that found on scrolls or magical glyphs. For each page that he is attempting to translate, the adept makes a Read/Write Magic Test against the writing’s Difficulty Number. If successful, the Result Level determines how well he understands the content. An Average Result allows the adept to understand the basic gist of the text, but not any subtle or complex ideas it contains; a Good or Excellent Result means he understands the subtleties of the text, though he might misinterpret obscure clues or riddles; an Extraordinary Result means the adept completely understands content, easily deciphering any hints, clues, or hidden meanings.

This talent also allows magicians to learn new spells. A magician can attempt to learn only one spell per day, by making a Read/Write Magic Test against the spell’s Learning Difficulty. If successful, he has learned the spell and can write it in his grimoire. He may learn more spells (or attempt to learn a spell again) by sacrificing Recovery Tests—for each Test sacrificed, the magician may make an additional Read/Write Magic Test.

Read Write Magic

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