The Theran provincial capital of Barsaive before The Scourge, the once-glorious city of Parlainth now stands as a cautionary tale of hubris.

Instead of creating a Citadel, Parlainth attempted to a unique solution to avoiding the Horrors; using powerful, unknown magic, they removed their entire city from the material plane and sealed it in a pocket dimension. To ensure that none could betray their location, they stripped all memory of their city from the minds of all Barsaivians.

But the plan failed.

After the Scourge, J’role the Honorable Thief discovered clues to Parlainth’s existance and restored the city to the land and minds of Barsaive, but the city had died, overrun by Horrors.

Since then, Parlainth has been a destination for the bravest and most foolish adventurers in Barsiave. Though much of the ruined city has been picked over, there is still much coin to be found and spent in the taverns of nearby Haven, and greater treasures and dangers to be found in the city’s darkest places.


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