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Welcome all!

This page is currently under heavy construction, but while you’re here, I would encourage you to look at the following pages:

Basic Rules
Adept (what the PCs are)
List of Disciplines (as well as the page specific to your Discipline)
List of Namegivers (particularly the page specific to you race)
Character Creation and the pages leading off of this one detailing the steps. If you want to get a quicker view, there are several sample characters linked from that page.

Please feel free to poke around, I’ll be updating this more over the next few days, in particular expanding on the general rules of the game and adding some critical world info.

As we settle on things like who exactly is playing what, I can add more info about both the races and the Disciplines that you have expressed interest in. Most of the info here is slightly more technical; there’s a lot more detail that I can pull out of various sourcebooks. I don’t want to totally overwhelm you though, believe it or not…

Main Page

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