Kingdom of Throal

This page discusses the general history and politics of the Kingdom of Throal. For the mountains, see Throal Mountains.

The dwarf kingdom of Throal lies in the massive Throal Mountains, Barsaive’s largest mountain range. The kingdom consists of two main parts. The Halls of Throal were built centuries ago and sheltered the kingdom during The Scourge. Since the Scourge, the kingdom has constructed the Inner Cities of Bethabal, Oshane, Tirtaga, Wishon, and Yistane. The cities of Hustane and Valvria have only recently been opened to settlement, and plans for two more cities, Raithabal and Thurdane, are in the works. The Inner Cities usually become the homes of newcomers to the dwarf kingdom who are hoping to make a better life for themselves, and are located so deep inside the mountain that travel from the gates of Throal often requires an overnight stay in the Halls of Throal. While predominantly inhabited by dwarfs before the Scourge, the influx of newcomers has reduced the dwarfs’ share of the total population to under 50%.

Nearly a third of Barsaive’s population has accepted the dwarf kingdom’s invitation to live in Throal, with about 30,000 Namegivers living in the Halls, and another 25,000 living in each of the Inner Cities (although the newest cities are more sparsely populated at present). Besides the legendary Grand Bazaar located right behind the Gates of Throal, all of the nine Halls of Throal and the Inner Cities boast large bazaars, as well as some of the finest inns and taverns in Barsaive. While appointed magistrates oversee the Halls, nobles that have sworn fealty to King Neden I rule the Inner Cities.

Part of the Throalic Court are a number of representatives from the ancient Noble Houses, many of which trace their existence to the time when the dwarfs still dwelled on the mountains instead of under them. While the Noble Houses have no firm say in Throalic politics, they control most of the trade in and outside of the kingdom, thus holding a lion’s share of the economic and social power.

Though most Barsaivians remain strongly allied to Throal, as they did during the Theran War, some have become suspicious of Throal’s current politics. Since the assassination of his father, King Neden is close to fighting a war on two fronts. The question of Throal’s role in the future of Barsaive is slowly dividing the old guard and the reformists in the kingdom, and some fear it will lead Throalic society into a civil war.

Mountain Settlements

The sovereignty of Throal extends beyond the underground kaer and the Inner Cities. King Neden also rules over roughly twenty thousand people living in small settlements scattered throughout the Throal Mountains, the garahamites, who took King Vaulus III’s offer of free land after the Scourge. Most of these communities are mining towns financed by Throal’s noble houses.

Kingdom of Throal

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