Great Leap


Step: Rank + Dex
Action: Free
Karma: No
Strain: 1

The adept jumps large distances by making a Great Leap Test, the result being how many hexes the adept may jump, with the distance covered divided between horizontal and vertical, but not exceeding his Movement Rate in either direction. If he uses the Running combat option, the adept may leap up to double his Movement Rate in either direction.

Great Leap can also be used to avoid environmental hazards, such as rock traps and falling rigging, but not as a normal Avoid Blow Test in combat. If the adept is aware of the threat, he may make a Great Leap Test against a Difficulty Number determined by the gamemaster to avoid being struck. If successful, he leaps clear at the last instant. Air Sailors and Sky Raiders often use this talent to board airships in combat or to leap clear of burning rigging and debris.

Great Leap

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