Step: Rank
Action: NA
Karma: No
Strain: 0

Unique to each Discipline. The adept’s ability to take damage increases by improving the Durability talent specific to his Discipline. Each Rank permanently increases his Death and Unconsciousness Ratings by the values separated by a slash and shown in brackets [ ] in the Discipline description. The number to the left of the slash is the increase to the adept’s Death Rating, per Rank. The number to the right of the slash is the increase to the adept’s Unconsciousness Rating, per Rank.

Durability Increase Table

Discipline Increase
Air Sailor 6/5
Archer 6/5
Beastmaster 7/6
Cavalryman 7/6
Elementalist 4/3
Illusionist 4/3
Liberator 6/8
Nethermancer 4/3
Scout 6/5
Sky Raider 8/6
Swordmaster 7/6
Taildancer 7/6
Thief 6/5
Troubadour 6/5
Warrior 9/7
Weaponsmith 6/5
Windmaster 9/7
Wizard 4/3


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