Discipline Talents

Discipline Talents are the core Talents of a Discipline, as opposed to the Talent Options. All* adepts within a Discipline must learn these Talents to advance along her path, learning one new Discipline Talent at every Circle beyond the First, and mastering them to a Rank equal to their next Circle to advance.

At First Circle, an Initiate may draw from a list of five—six in the case of spellcasters—Discipline Talents. He is not required to learn them all at Character Creation, though it is highly recommended. To advance to Second Circle, he must raise all of his Discipline Talents to second Rank. After completing the appropriate training and Advancement Ritual, he must learn his Second Circle Discipline Talent.

To advance to Third Circle, he must advance all of his First and Second Circle Discipline Talents to rank three. To advance to Fourth Circle, he must learn his First, Second, and Third circle Discipline Talents to rank four, and so on.

Discipline Variations

*Most Adepts will follow their Discipline as listed in their standard description within the Players Guide or other sourcebooks. However, some Adepts may instead follow a variation, learning a slightly different series of Discipline Talents. The most common variety of this form of variation involves Windlings, who may, with the GM’s approval, select certain talents that take advantage of their ability to fly.

Other, broader variations exist in the world, but they are rare and can be seen as splinter groups within a core Discipline, such as Theives who focus on assassination, replacing some of their Discipline Talents with Talents that would enhance their lethality.

Discipline Talents and Karma

An adept may choose to spend a single point of Karma on any action test using one of his Discipline Talents.

If a Talent’s description states that it “Requires Karma,” this requirement is ignored in the case of Discipline Talents; an Adept is never required to spend Karma on a Discipline Talent, unlike Talents learned through other means.

Discipline Talents

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