Character Creation

Character creation in Earthdawn is nine-part process, consisting of the following steps. To see these steps in action, please see the sample characters Tooren, a windling Thief, Zorek, a human Warrior, and Grokar, an ork Nethermancer.

1. Choose a Discipline
A Discipline is more than just what you can do, a Discipline informs a character’s outlook in life. The Discipline you choose will affect every subsequent decision you make in character creation and may influence your fellow players.

2. Choose a Race
After Discipline, race is the second greatest influence on your character. Not only do the races have different strengths and weaknesses, but they also relate differently to the world around them. Please note that some races are better suited to other Disciplines than others and some Disciplines are even restricted to a specific race.

3. Background and Personality
Using Discipline and race as a starting place, flesh out your character’s personality.

4. Generate Attributes
Each race begins with a certain base profile for their Attributes (Humans, for example, are all tens), which is then raised by spending Attribute points. Each Discipline has two Key Attributes, which are essential to most of that Discipline’s talents, and thus should be given priority. The Attributes are Dexterity (DEX), Strength (STR), Toughness (TOU), Perception (PER), Willpower (WILL), and Charisma (CHA).

5. Determine Characteristics
Once a character’s Attributes are determined, these numbers will be used to calculate a character’s characteristics. This process largely consists of consulting a chart and filling blanks.

6. Record Racial Abilities
Beyond the starting Attributes, each Race is gifted with unique abilities, such as a Windling’s wings. Additionally, a character’s race determines his movement rate and Karma Modifier.

7. Assign Talent Ranks and Spells
A starting Adept has eight ranks to divide amongst her First Circle Discipline Talents, including the opportunity to take one Talent Option. Magicians must also decide their starting spells.

8. Assign Skill Ranks
Characters begin with a number of skills in the four categories of Knowledge, Language, Artisan, and General skills.

9. Equip the Character
Each character begins with a starting package of general equipment and 100 silver pieces to spend on her starting gear, including weapons and armor.

Character Creation

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