Adepts, individuals who are capable of mastering magic-based Talents, fall into one of several Disciplines. More than just standardized training, a Discipline is a way of life, each with its own philosophies and histories. Members of a Discipline are part of a common community—though some are more organized than others—and typically treat each other with respect, even if they meet on opposite sides of the battlefield.

Please see this page for a list of known Disciplines.


An Adept’s progression through their Discipline is measured by their Circle, which represents not only their ability, but also their role within the culture of their path. First Circle Adepts are Initiates, new to the mysteries of their Discipline. At the Second Circle, they are Novices who often work beside more experienced Adepts. At the Fifth Circle, they are fully-fledged Journeymen, but often still work in the service of a Warden (Ninth) or a Master (Thirteenth).


Powered by an adepts’ ability to tap into astral space and draw on magical energy, Talents are the backbone of a Discipline; each new Talent learned is a tenant mastered. The use of Talents combines physical technique with magic to achieve feats beyond the reach of the mundane.


Each Discipline teaches Half-Magic, an instinctive understanding of the basic abilities required by that Discipline’s purpose and philosophy, which helps Adepts fill in the gaps in their Talents and skills. It is only useful in specific circumstances: an Archer without the Craft Weapon skill may use half-magic to make a bow, but would be unable to make a sword.


Half-magic and many Talents allow an Adept to draw on ambient magic known as Karma. Karma is unpredictable, but can be a powerful aid.


In addition to magical Talents, an adept’s abilities include skills, which represent the knowledge and abilities she has accumulated outside of her Discipline. Improving skills takes more effort and time than advancing Talents, but no affinity for magic—or Discipline training—is required.

Many Talents have a skill equivalent; most air sailors, for example, are not Air Sailor Adepts, simply normal Namegivers proficient in the Air Sailing skill.

Artisan Skills

Each Discipline trains its members in Artisan skills that often serve as part of a Discipline’s rituals. It is widely believed that Horrors and the Horror-tainted are unable to create works of beauty; Artisan skills are a useful way of proving yourself to be free of dark influences.

Knowledge Skills

The most commonly used skills for most Adepts will be Knowledge skills, which represent focused areas of scholarly study, such as “Botany,” or broad, general knowledge, like “Farming.”


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