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  • Boatman

    Boatmen serve aboard the countless t’skrang riverboats of the [[Serpent River]]. Not every crew member of a t’skrang riverboat follows this Discipline, but those who do make the best officers and captains on the river. A Boatman must know the river, his …

  • Taildancer

    Adepts of the Taildancer Discipline are masters of dance and combat. Available only to t’skrang, this Discipline takes advantage of that race’s tail attack to greatly expand its combat options. Taildancers greatly enjoy finding new ways to use their tails …

  • T'skrang

    Note: This page contains general information on the loquacious race of the T'skrang. For more specific information please see [[On the Nature of the T’skrang]] and

  • On the Nature of the T’skrang

    My Name is T’chal Siandra K’vechrialonika V’strimon, and for sixteen years, I was the weaver of the Yearsong in the Great House V’strimon. By order of my new lord, Overgovernor Kypros of [[Sky Point]], I now undertake to recount all that I can of my …

  • Shisa'kas

    Self: I'm listening. Persona: Cool as a cucumber. Background: Odd one out. Style: No frills, but not boring Mentor: [[:ophelia-mak | Ophelia Mak]]

  • D'zzak

    Mentor: [[:t-sain-syrkhan-vosvard-czyz | T’sain Syrkhan Vosvard Czyz]]